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Guru Tegh Bahadur - Birth
The ninth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Tegh Bahadur, was born on April 1, 1621, in the Guru Ka Mahal in Amritsar, where his family was staying.

When he was born, his father Guru Hargobind, busy with his daily prayers in the Hari Mandir. They were in the middle of the prayers when a messenger came with the good news of the birth of his fifth son. Hearing the good news all the people present rejoiced, and sang hymns to hail the birth of a great soul.

On hearing the news, Guru Hargobind headed home with the high priest of Hari Mandir, Bhai Budha, Bhai Bidhi Chand and Bhai Gurdas. His wife, Nanaki was sitting beside the new born baby when Bhai Budhha entered to pay his respects. He blessed the child, and hailed him as a child of destiny who would live and die like a true saviour of humanity.

When Guru Har Gobind came to see his child, he surprised everyone by bowing to him. The baby did not cry at all but gazed motionlessly at his father. When the others asked him the reason for it, he said that he saw his father, Guru Arjan Singh's spirit in his child.

He named child Tegh Bahadur, since he foresaw that the boy was going to be brave and powerful enough to wield a sword (Tegh) for the protection of his religion. He predicted that this child would protect the country from disaster, and wipe out the roots of tyranny and oppression from it. Mother Nanki, who was a pious and noble lady, heard everything quietly. Something told her that her child had a hard battle to fight in the future, and though she did not doubt his strength, her heart trembled a little.

When Bhai Gurdas, the Sikh savant, looked at the child he knew that the child would sacrifice his life for his religion and dharma (righteousness) but would not give in the fear and falsity. He blessed the child saying that his life and death would be the envy of sage and warriors alike.

The holy city of Amritsar rejoiced for ten days on the birth of the great soul; people made offerings to the Guru's family, and distributed food and clothing to the poor in celebration of the savior who would save them from evil and tyranny.

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